1. there is nothing wrong with wearing fur at all. It is a very warm,soft and sexy fabric which will never go out of fashion-Its mostly made from vermin creatures anyway!

  2. Hey God please save the animals and I just can’t imagine the people killing the animals only for the fur……….

  3. Fur comes from a lot of animals not only vermin.Tigers being killed for there fur, Bears ,foxes …and the list goes on !And a lot of them are endangered!And you say its ok to wear it !?There are a lot of alternatives to fur !fake fur for instance, and you cant see the difference!Help save those endangered species! Before they only exist in zoo’s !!!!FUR IS DEAD !would you where your dog or parents for the same reason ??

  4. Why would anyone, choose to be soo ignorant of the fact that animals suffer and die just cause its a “very warm,sexy fabric”?Whoever wrote that needs to realize that that it isn’t fabric? It is the equivalent of your skin!!!How would you like it if you got caught in a trap and slowly suffer and die, cause someone thought your damn skin is sexy?JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!!I am appaled at your utter lack of compassion and respect for life. Maybe, you just don’t care, but if you go online and look at thesick, world of cats,dogs, Yes them,foxes, rabbits,beavers,minks,being slaughteredandSUFFER SLOW, MISERABLE DEATHS, JUST SO YOU COULD LOOK COOL??? GIVE ME A BREAK!

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