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I’ve been playing with the new Flickr stats pages. I can’t give a link as each page can only be seen by the owner of the account, but your page will be at<username>/stats. You need to visit that page initially to opt in to the service. It will then start crunching all your numbers and will suggest that you come back to have another look tomorrow. I signed up yesterday, so I’ve just been looking at what you get.

From top to bottom of the page:

  • A line graph showing the number of views of your account each day for the previous month or so. From this it’s easy to see when a picture of yours has attracted some kind of attention which causes a spike in the graph.
  • A table showing the numbers of pages views for your photostream, individual photo pages, sets and collections. Numbers are given for the previous day, this week, last week and all time.
  • Lists of your ten most viewed photos both yesterday and for all time. Each of these lists has a link to a full list.
  • Information about the referrers for your photos. This is a list of the pages that people were looking at just before they came to your page. From this you can find pages where people are linking to your photos. Obviously most of the links come from within Flick (clicking on the “next photo” link, for example) but it’s interesting to see where else links come from. I particularly enjoyed exploring the Google referrers. It’s nice to know that this photo is the first result on a Google search for “frobisher crescent” and I’m really rather proud to see that a search for “working in banking” returns this photo in the first page of results.
  • Finally, there’s a breakdown of how you’ve organised your photos. There are graphs showing how many of your photos have the various privacy levels assigned, how many of them are tagged, geotagged, in sets and in groups, and how many of them have comments, are in someone’s favourites list and even how many have never been viewed. It seems that thirteen of my photos have never been viewed by anyone except me.

All in all, lots of interesting information. I recommend having a look.

Update: Oh look. There’s a help page that explains it all.

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