Hack Day Plans

This weekend is Yahoo!’s Hack Day. And as in the last two years, I’m going to be there. Although (also like the last too years) I’m far to old and soft to consider staying up and hacking through the night. I’ll be leaving at a reasonable time on Saturday evening to get home to a… Continue reading Hack Day Plans


I’ve been dabbling with Yahoo!’s new location service FireEagle. Well, when I say “dabbling” I really mean “looking at it and thinking that I should really get round to trying to write something that uses it”. All I’ve actually been doing is updating it (when I remember) to tell it that I’m at home or… Continue reading FireEagle

Hack Day Weirdness

Wow. Pretty weird start to Hack Day. We were in the West Hall of Alexandra Palace. A talk had just finished and there was lots of general milling about going on. All of a sudden there was an almighty bang followed by some loud crackling. It sounded like it was coming from the roof. Then… Continue reading Hack Day Weirdness

Hack Day

The BBC/Yahoo! Hack Day (actually two days) is this weekend. If you’re coming then please feel free to link with me on the back network. Now, here are the most pressing questions that need to be answered. Will there be a television showing Doctor Who on Saturday night? And, if there isn’t, will the network… Continue reading Hack Day