Sun RSS – Still Broken

Two weeks ago I wrote about how the new, “improved” RSS feeds from The Sun are, in fact, completely broken. In that two weeks nothing has changed and the feeds are still broken.

Much as I enjoy seeing the Sun web team making a fool of themselves like this, I would actually like it even more if they would acknowledge their mistake and fix the problem. To that end, I’ve emailed them about it three times in the last two weeks. But all my mail seems to have been ignored. I’ve had no response and the problems haven’t been fixed.

I’m pretty sure that the most critical problem (the broken URLs that are included in the feeds) is something that could be fixed in two minutes by someone who has access to the right template files on the Sun’s web server.

So, given that I can’t get any response from the contact address advertised on their web site, does anyone have any other suggestions? Do any of you know anyone who works in the Sun’s web team or do you have any other avenues that I could try.

Or shall we just all sit back and laugh at the Sun for getting it so wrong?

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