Newspaper RSS Feeds Updated

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve made some fixes to my UK newspaper RSS feeds page. The fixes include

  • Adding Daily Star links
  • Fixing the Sun links (tho’ as I said yesterday, the Sun RSS feeds are still completely broken)
  • Some tweaks to the Times and GU parsers

The Independent section is currently broken. They have re-organised their RSS links page into a hierarchy and I need to put a bit more work into parsing it. Hopefully I’ll do that tomorrow.

I also need to revisit all of the other papers’ sections to ensure that all of the feeds are being extracted.

When I started this project a couple of years ago, each paper published a handful of RSS feeds. And only the broadsheets even bothered. Now the tabloids are in on the act too and with typical tabloid fervour they have gone completely over the top and are publishing huge numbers of feeds. It’s clear to me that my single page format is only barely manageable at this point and I need to rethink how this site is going to work.

But anyway, today’s version is an improvement on yesterdays. Hope you find it useful.

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