RSS in Firefox

Firefox (and, I assume, most other modern browsers) does some clever magic when viewing RSS feeds. It doesn’t show the raw XML, but instead shows a neatly formatted version of the page along with a button allowing you to subscribe to the feed in your favourite feed reader. That, at least, is how it’s supposed… Continue reading RSS in Firefox

Planet Earth

Writing in yesterday’s Times, A A Gill put his finger on a problem that has been bothering me about the BBC’s latest wildlife extravaganza – Planet Earth. For a science programme, it has very little science in it. The factual content is now virtually nil, just scene-setting and needless telling you what you’re seeing. There… Continue reading Planet Earth

The Times RSS Feeds

Looks like The Times have completely reorganised their RSS feeds. The old ‘one size fits all’ feed is dead and has been replaced by a number of individual feeds (including a some that come from weblogs). The full list (together with a brief explanation of RSS and all the licence terms) are here At some… Continue reading The Times RSS Feeds