RSS in Firefox

Firefox (and, I assume, most other modern browsers) does some clever magic when viewing RSS feeds. It doesn’t show the raw XML, but instead shows a neatly formatted version of the page along with a button allowing you to subscribe to the feed in your favourite feed reader. That, at least, is how it’s supposed… Continue reading RSS in Firefox

Too Clever By Half

I’ve just noticed that Firefox 2.0 is a bit too clever for its own good. It’s the new RSS autosubscription feature that’s the problem. It’s great that when I click on an RSS feed, it gives me the chance to subscribe to that feed in Bloglines. But it insists on doing that whenever I try… Continue reading Too Clever By Half

New Browsers

Last night I downloaded and installed two new browsers. Firstly I booted my laptop into Windows for the first time for months (it’s the only computer in the house that has Windows installed) and installed IE7. First reactions? A big “so what?” It’s (obviously) a vast improvement on IE6, but I can’t see anything that… Continue reading New Browsers

Firefox vs Internet Explorer

A nice rant by Kate Bevan in today’s Guardian technology supplement. She’s fed up of going into corporate clients’ offices and finding that Internet Explorer is the only browser available. Firefox has been available and stable for 18 months. Why do corporate IT departments still insist on forcing IE onto their users? So being dumped… Continue reading Firefox vs Internet Explorer

Orange Web Site in Firefox

Large corporations with broken web sites are, of course, still very common. But with the new version of their business web site, Orange are breaking all records. The main symptom is that Firefox users can’t click on any of the links. Clicks seem to just be ignored. Right-clicking on a link and selecting “open in… Continue reading Orange Web Site in Firefox

Giving Software Away

An interesting story from Gervase Markham (who works for the Mozilla Foundation) which demonstrates that the concept of Open Source software is still confusing to a large proportion of the population. A little while ago, I received an e-mail from a lady in the Trading Standards department of a large northern town. They had encountered… Continue reading Giving Software Away

Guardian Unlimited Greasemonkey Scripts

One interesting use of Greasemonkey is to improve web sites that you don’t like the look of. This is useful feedback to the owners of the sites that are being “improved”. With that in mind, I noticed a couple of Greasemonkey scripts that are for use on Guardian Unlimited. Guardian Title Goodifier reorders the parts… Continue reading Guardian Unlimited Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey Arms Race

A few random thoughts came together in a vaguely coherent form on the way home from Opentech yesterday. Allow them to share them with you. For years we’re been trying to persuade web designers to move away from nasty “tag soup” HTML and to use clean semantic markup with stylesheets to control the presentation. This… Continue reading Greasemonkey Arms Race

Bad People

The people running Eyeconomy are bad people. They encourage people who have web sites to use bad practices. Take a look of their section on sub-sites. What they so innocuously call “sub-sites” are better known to the rest of the world as “pop-unders” – that is those extra windows that open underneath your existing browser… Continue reading Bad People