Too Clever By Half

I’ve just noticed that Firefox 2.0 is a bit too clever for its own good. It’s the new RSS autosubscription feature that’s the problem. It’s great that when I click on an RSS feed, it gives me the chance to subscribe to that feed in Bloglines. But it insists on doing that whenever I try… Continue reading Too Clever By Half

Orange Web Site in Firefox

Large corporations with broken web sites are, of course, still very common. But with the new version of their business web site, Orange are breaking all records. The main symptom is that Firefox users can’t click on any of the links. Clicks seem to just be ignored. Right-clicking on a link and selecting “open in… Continue reading Orange Web Site in Firefox

Guardian Unlimited Greasemonkey Scripts

One interesting use of Greasemonkey is to improve web sites that you don’t like the look of. This is useful feedback to the owners of the sites that are being “improved”. With that in mind, I noticed a couple of Greasemonkey scripts that are for use on Guardian Unlimited. Guardian Title Goodifier reorders the parts… Continue reading Guardian Unlimited Greasemonkey Scripts