Macs and Me

“It never stops raining!” ranted the lorry driver. He thumped the table, spilt his tea, and actually, for a moment, appeared to be steaming. You can’t just walk off without responding to a remark like that. Of course it stops raining,” said Arthur. It was hardly an elegant refutation, but it had to be said.… Continue reading Macs and Me

Google Phone – First Impressions

I’ve now had my G1 for almost a week, so it’s time to share some first impressions. The executive summary is that I’m really rather happy with the phone. There’s one small niggle problem and one huge “what the bloody hell were they thinking” issue. Good things first. The phone works well and does pretty… Continue reading Google Phone – First Impressions

New Toy

I treated myself to a Nokia N800. It arrived yesterday and it looks like a lot of fun. Expect many N800-related links in my delicious feed over the next few weeks as I get to grips with it. Now. What applications should I be installing?