Windows Users Trying Linux

This is a brief follow-up to my piece from a couple of weeks ago where I jokingly suggested that everyone should move away from Windows to Linux. I found this blog entry where a Windows user has been trying Ubuntu Linux for a couple of weeks. His findings make interesting reading. He’s had a bit… Continue reading Windows Users Trying Linux

Linux: A European Threat to Our Computers

The scary thing[1] about the Religious Right is the fact that they are so completely mad that it’s impossible to tell their real beliefs from parodies of them. Take this for example. I honestly can’t tell it it’s real or if it’s a really well-done pisstake. Like most things that are worth owning, Computers are… Continue reading Linux: A European Threat to Our Computers


(Non-geeks will probably want to ignore this entry) If you buy a keyboard these days, chances are that it will have a number of extra keys on it. Ones for opening your email application or your web browser or for controlling the CD player. If you’re using Windows then your system probably came pre-configured to… Continue reading Lineak