1970 Calling

Nadine Dorries seems to be writing her blog today from about forty years ago. She’s talking about single mothers. I like the idea that we can introduce a structure that will capture 16 and 17 year old girls and teach them parenting skills, help them to acquire the knowledge which will enable them to run… Continue reading 1970 Calling


From a geek mailing list where they are currently retreading the endless arguments about why there aren’t more women in Open Source. Now arguably, “chick” is a bit derogatory. It’s not even ironic British understatement – the writer isn’t British. But it’s a good indication of just how far we still have to go.

Misogyny is Alive and Well in 2007

I’ve read two things this morning that show that even in the 21st century, misogyny and sexism are alive and well. Firstly, here’s brian d foy writing about a nasty advert that was published in a Linux magazine recently. The company involved seem to think that drawing a comparison between their products and oral sex… Continue reading Misogyny is Alive and Well in 2007

And Finally…

Kudos to the Guardian‘s Rosie Swash for pointing out that sexism is alive and well in the music industry. And finally, good news for Kate Thornton during this most difficult of weeks. She may have been axed from prime-time TV, but she can be comforted by the knowledge that Louis Walsh thinks her breasts are… Continue reading And Finally…

Sexism in IT

So overnight I was planning another entry that would explain further why I don’t think that “tequila slammer girls” are appropriate entertainment for a professional software conference. But this morning I read this and this. Pointing out the offence in what Russ Michaels is doing is one thing, but submitting his web server to denial… Continue reading Sexism in IT