What Doctors Don’t Tell You

There’s a new magazine in the shops this week. It’s called What Doctors Don’t Tell You and I’m reasonably sure that no-one who reads this blog would be at all interested in reading it. If you think that you might be then try looking at the sample pages on their subscription site. It’s all complete… Continue reading What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Fitbit and Friends

Recently I’ve been using technology to help me lose weight. Actually, I have a bit of history of being most successful at losing weight when helped by technology – my last reasonably successful period was when the Wii Fit was launched. This time my technological friend is the Fitbit. It’s really just a supercharged pedometer.… Continue reading Fitbit and Friends

1970 Calling

Nadine Dorries seems to be writing her blog today from about forty years ago. She’s talking about single mothers. I like the idea that we can introduce a structure that will capture 16 and 17 year old girls and teach them parenting skills, help them to acquire the knowledge which will enable them to run… Continue reading 1970 Calling


If you were reading my blog three years ago, you’ll have read several posts about my brush with a condition called Sarcoidosis. I haven’t written much about it for a few years because there hasn’t been anything interesting to say. I started taking steroids, they cured my symptoms (almost overnight) and then I spent a… Continue reading Discharged

On the Scales

Our bathroom scales gave up the ghost recently. Well, so would you if you had me standing on you every couple of days for ten years. But replacing them gave us a wonderful opportunity for consumer overkill. Not for us a simple set of mechanical scales. No, we bought the Tanita BC-543 Body Composition Monitor.… Continue reading On the Scales

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I’m Loving It

Writing in today’s Guardian, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is understandably happy to hear that McDonald’s are closing twenty-five of their UK branches. Even McDonald’s European boss, Denis Hennequin, is struggling to put a happy face on the situation: “The UK has been in negative territory for a couple of years now,” he admitted. “The brand 15 years… Continue reading I’m Loving It

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Bone Densitometry

Back St. George’s this morning. This time for a bone densitometry examination. This is just a safety measure as the steroids I’m on can reduce the calcium in your bones and lead to osteoporosis. I’m on a calcium supplement to counter that but it’s always good to know for sure.

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