If you were reading my blog three years ago, you’ll have read several posts about my brush with a condition called Sarcoidosis.

I haven’t written much about it for a few years because there hasn’t been anything interesting to say. I started taking steroids, they cured my symptoms (almost overnight) and then I spent a year or so weaning myself off the steroids. Since then I’ve been going back to St George’s Hospital for regular check-ups with the consultant.

This morning was one of those check-ups. And at the end of it, the consultant discharged me. I still have evidence of the condition[1] but they haven’t changed for over two years, so basically he said that he didn’t want to see me again unless I had any further problems. A recurrence is apparently possible but unlikely.

So that’s all very good news.

And if you’re ever in the Tooting area and find yourself in need of a chest consultant, then I highly recommend Dr Adrian Draper at St George’s Hospital. He knows his stuff.

[1] Shadows? On me lungs? Oh god in heaven help me!

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