Mid-Life Crisis Nostalgia Project

Whilst sorting through some paperwork over the last few days I found this photograph. It was taken almost thirty years ago at my secondary school. The picture shows just under fifty eighteen-year-olds who were just about to take their A levels. I’m in the back row, fifth from the right. The one with far more… Continue reading Mid-Life Crisis Nostalgia Project

1970 Calling

Nadine Dorries seems to be writing her blog today from about forty years ago. She’s talking about single mothers. I like the idea that we can introduce a structure that will capture 16 and 17 year old girls and teach them parenting skills, help them to acquire the knowledge which will enable them to run… Continue reading 1970 Calling

Building Web Sites is Easy

The geek shall inherit the Earth. But the semi-geek won’t be far behind. Back in April I wrote a piece about MPs’ web sites. I came to the conclusion that a large number of MPs have web sites that are over-complex and therefore cost more money to build and maintain than they should have done.… Continue reading Building Web Sites is Easy