Mid-Life Crisis Nostalgia Project

Whilst sorting through some paperwork over the last few days I found this photograph. It was taken almost thirty years ago at my secondary school. The picture shows just under fifty eighteen-year-olds who were just about to take their A levels. I’m in the back row, fifth from the right. The one with far more… Continue reading Mid-Life Crisis Nostalgia Project

Rage Against The X Factor

Well done everyone. We really showed ’em. We showed The Man that he can’t mess with Da Kidz. But, actually, we really just doubled the amount of money that Sony BMG made out of this year’s christmas number one. And, despite clear instructions to the contrary in the song’s lyrics, we did exactly what They… Continue reading Rage Against The X Factor

A Twitter Story

People often ask me what is the point of Twitter. What do I get out of it. The answer to those questions change from day to day. Here is today’s answer. Tonight I’m going to see the Twisted Christmas show at the Barbican. It features a number of performers taking a slightly different look at… Continue reading A Twitter Story

I Can’t Hear You La La La La

When the internet first really started to take off ten or fifteen years ago, it was seen as a personal publishing platform. Suddenly, you didn’t need to have support from a TV network or a book publisher in order to get your views in front of a huge potential audience. All you needed was some… Continue reading I Can’t Hear You La La La La

The Power of Social Media

In the future, we may well look back on the past week and describe it as the week that the power of social media became apparent to pretty much everyone in the UK. This week social networks have allowed the powers of light to win three victories over the powers of darkness. It started on… Continue reading The Power of Social Media