Building Web Sites is Easy

The geek shall inherit the Earth. But the semi-geek won’t be far behind. Back in April I wrote a piece about MPs’ web sites. I came to the conclusion that a large number of MPs have web sites that are over-complex and therefore cost more money to build and maintain than they should have done.… Continue reading Building Web Sites is Easy

(Not) Buying NT Tickets

I just saw that Russell T Davies is speaking at the National Theatre. I’m a big fan of his work, so I decided to buy tickets. I wandered over to the NT web site and found the event I was looking for. I added a couple of tickets to my shopping basket and went to… Continue reading (Not) Buying NT Tickets

Egg Web Site Stupidity

Another example of web site stupidity. When she finishes at university this summer my step-daughter is planning to go travelling. To make this a bit easier for her we decided that we’d give her one of our credit cards. That’s a pretty standard thing that parents do, isn’t it? I decided to make her an… Continue reading Egg Web Site Stupidity