Sexism in IT

So overnight I was planning another entry that would explain further why I don’t think that “tequila slammer girls” are appropriate entertainment for a professional software conference.

But this morning I read this and this. Pointing out the offence in what Russ Michaels is doing is one thing, but submitting his web server to denial of service attacks and subscribing his wife and him to porn mailing lists is something else completely. That’s not something that I could ever condone. Russ might be a bit of an idiot, but no-one deserves that.

If it’s any of my readers who are perpetrating these attacks then please grow up and stop it.

I’ve removed the original piece (and replaced it with this) to prevent anyone else coming across it in the coming weeks and thinking it would be clever to wreak fuckwitted vengence on Russ or his family.

Why is the world so full of idiots?


  1. This comes as no surprise. What is also evident is the amount of ageism in IT. I had a quick look at the awards in ‘Computing’. They were all with one exception male, under 45. And this was the manergerial band, as we know the people working for them would be younger.

  2. Anti-sexism?Rather a strange topic from someone who has been arrested for soliciting women.[Note: I’m not sure if the above is an attempt at a joke or someone attacking me because they disagree with my stand on this. Either way, I hope it’s obvious that it’s not true. – Dave]

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