New Browsers

Last night I downloaded and installed two new browsers. Firstly I booted my laptop into Windows for the first time for months (it’s the only computer in the house that has Windows installed) and installed IE7. First reactions? A big “so what?” It’s (obviously) a vast improvement on IE6, but I can’t see anything that… Continue reading New Browsers

Flash on Linux

This probably isn’t big news for many of you (particularly as it came on the same day that IE7 was officially released) but Adobe have released a new beta version of Flash 9 and it includes support for Linux. Previously, the latest version of Flash available for Linux was version 7. This was fine for… Continue reading Flash on Linux

Orange Web Site in Firefox

Large corporations with broken web sites are, of course, still very common. But with the new version of their business web site, Orange are breaking all records. The main symptom is that Firefox users can’t click on any of the links. Clicks seem to just be ignored. Right-clicking on a link and selecting “open in… Continue reading Orange Web Site in Firefox

Linux: A European Threat to Our Computers

The scary thing[1] about the Religious Right is the fact that they are so completely mad that it’s impossible to tell their real beliefs from parodies of them. Take this for example. I honestly can’t tell it it’s real or if it’s a really well-done pisstake. Like most things that are worth owning, Computers are… Continue reading Linux: A European Threat to Our Computers

Giving Software Away

An interesting story from Gervase Markham (who works for the Mozilla Foundation) which demonstrates that the concept of Open Source software is still confusing to a large proportion of the population. A little while ago, I received an e-mail from a lady in the Trading Standards department of a large northern town. They had encountered… Continue reading Giving Software Away

EuroOSCON on the BBC

This week’s edition of the BBC programme Click Online contains a report about EuroOSCON. The transcript is here and the Real Audio stream is here. The programme is repeated a number of times on various BBC channels (mainly News 24) over the next couple of days. It’s the first report in the programme, but its… Continue reading EuroOSCON on the BBC

The Internet is 10

The internet is 10 this week. Well, no, of course it isn’t. It’s been around in some form or another since 1969. But a leader in today’s Guardian says that this week is being celebrated as the tenth anniversary of the internet as a mass phenomenon – and I can’t really argue with that. Interestingly,… Continue reading The Internet is 10

Greasemonkey Arms Race

A few random thoughts came together in a vaguely coherent form on the way home from Opentech yesterday. Allow them to share them with you. For years we’re been trying to persuade web designers to move away from nasty “tag soup” HTML and to use clean semantic markup with stylesheets to control the presentation. This… Continue reading Greasemonkey Arms Race