EuroOSCON Day 1

Ok, so it was probably day 2 if you were here for the tutorials, but it was my first day here, so I’m calling it day 1.

Just a few brief notes so that I remember what I did yesterday, I’ll fill in more details later.

The morning started with the keynote speeches. Nat began by comparing Open Source Software with The Iliad (or was it The Odyssey?) Then Tim O’Reilly talked a little about the “O’Reilly Radar” and Simon Phipps talked about some of the Open Source initiatives going on within Sun. They were followed by Jeff Waugh talking about recent improvements in Gnome and Chet Kapoor talking about… er… something (sorry, I can’t really remember that talk). The day’s keynotes were rounded off by Alan Cox talking about computer security.

After a quick break I wandered off to the Perl track to see Abigail talking about the problems with Perl’s object system and introducing the new module Lexical::Attributes which is supposed to fix that. This was followed by the Perl Lightning Talks which were the usual interesting selection of short talks. I talked briefly about the results of the Perl Mongers census. People laughed at the jokes. Which was nice.

After lunch I saw Phil Torrone of Make Magazine talking about the new hardware hacking ethic which Make encapsulates and Aaron Crane talking about how the Register serves millions of pages each day using a combination of server side includes and mod_rewrite rules. After another break I missed the Perl 6 session to go and see Tim O’Reilly and Rogert Margoulas talking about the incredible amount of book sales data that they monitor. Finally I went to see a talk that was temptingly entitled “Enterprise Email is Broken” but it turrned out to be a sales pitch for Zimbra – which was interesting but as I’d already seen the videos on their web site I ducked out.

There was then an O’Reilly author signing session where it was good to catch up with some of the other authors that I know and the day finished with a Perl Advocacy BOF which I chaired.

More details later….

Update: The slides to my Perl Mongers Census talk are now online. More details will follow before too long.


  1. Interesting how The Register serves millions of pages a day despite the journalism being so pisspoor and the writing style almost unreadable.

  2. Regarding your lightning talk, are the slides going to be online? Were there video recordings made of any/all of the lightning talks?

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