EuroOSCON on the BBC

This week’s edition of the BBC programme Click Online contains a report about EuroOSCON. The transcript is here and the Real Audio stream is here. The programme is repeated a number of times on various BBC channels (mainly News 24) over the next couple of days. It’s the first report in the programme, but its… Continue reading EuroOSCON on the BBC

EuroOSCON Day 3

Late, but I thought it was worth recording what I did on the final day of EuroOSCON. As always, we started with the keynotes. Marc Heglund talked about privacy issues and the possibility of an “open data” movement. David Heinemeier Hansson talked about the secrets of Ruby on Rails and MySQL’s Kaj Arnö showed us… Continue reading EuroOSCON Day 3

EuroOSCON Day 2

Very late, but here’s a summary of what I did at EuroOSCON on the second day (Wednesday). The keynotes started with Rael Dornfest talking about how “Annenuation is the new Aggregation”. He was followed by Red Hat’s Michael Tiemann talking about quality management. We then had Jason Matusow from Microsoft nicely illustrating how, hard as… Continue reading EuroOSCON Day 2

ActiveRecord Does It Wrong

I’m listening to the keynotes on the final day of EuroOSCON and David Heinemeier Hansson is talking about the secrets of Ruby on Rails. He talks about how they promote “convention over configuration” and how that means that you don’t have to describe the same object attribute multiple times. This is a great idea, but… Continue reading ActiveRecord Does It Wrong

EasyJet (part 2)

EasyJet had one last surprise for me. My plane from Stansted was delayed by over an hour. I was supposed to arrive in Amsterdam at about 17:00 local time. I finally landed at about 22:45 and eventually got to my hotel just before midnight. Which wouldn’t have really been a problem, but there were some… Continue reading EasyJet (part 2)