Remind me to never book another EasyJet fight. Ever.

I had booked a flight that left Gatwick at 14:35 getting me to Amsterdam at 17:50 (local time). It’s now 18:00 (London time) and instead of being in the bar at at the conference hotel, I’m typing this in the departure lounge at Stansted airport whilst waiting for a flight which doesn’t leave for an hour and a half. I’ll eventually land in Amsterdam jut before 22:00 (local time).

What happened? Well, my plane was cancelled. But I only found that out after an hour queuing to check in at Gatwick. Apparently the fog this morning delayed a number of EasyJet flights and the company decided that the best way to recover from that was to cancel most of their remaining flights out of Gatwick today. I’m not entirely sure that makes sense to me.

So there were no more flights to Amsterdam today. They could offer me a flight in the morning. Or a flight from Stansted. There was also a flight from Luton, but by the time I found out about it, I didn’t have time to get there. So I had to make my way back into London then out again. But, of course, that didn’t kill the five hours that I was delayed by. So I’ve spent the last couple of hours hanging around in Stansted.

Never ever fly Easyjet.


  1. (Random visitor):I’ve come to the conclusion that easyJet is Good – in the morning. An outward flight from Luton last summer, which left at 6 am, left the ground in the advertised minute, and arrived 20 minutes early.Conversely, the return flight from Europe was about 2 hours late departing – this was (supposed to be) at 4pm. Mistakes creep in, the later in the day you fly.

  2. Never ever fly with Easyjet – or any of the other “cheap” airlines. They *all* suck. Instead, just book in advance with a proper airline like BA or KLM or Lufthansa and you’ll pay *maybe* ten quid more. Alternatively, take the train. London to Amsterdam by train is FAST.

  3. But with the budget airlines you get to fly to airports with funny names, like Frankfurt Hahn. Hahn is German for cock. Although it only means male chicken in this case. If it was called Frankfurt Schniedel or Frankfurt Schwanz *then* you’d be talking!

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