EuroOSCON on the BBC

This week’s edition of the BBC programme Click Online contains a report about EuroOSCON. The transcript is here and the Real Audio stream is here. The programme is repeated a number of times on various BBC channels (mainly News 24) over the next couple of days.

It’s the first report in the programme, but its worth watching the introductory section that precedes it, just to hear presenter Stephen Cole’s slightly patronising comments about Open Source. Oh, and the report describes the conference attendees as looking like the Hair Bear Bunch, but that seems to have been edited out of the transcript for some reason.

It’s good of course that the BBC is covering the Open Source movement, but they still seem to think that we’re a bit of a bunch of weirdos. Perhaps they should have looked at how much Open Source software they use internally before coming to that conclusion. Or maybe that’s how they came to that conclusion…

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