Tabloid Misreporting

The BBC are reporting that schools will be entitled to ban the wearing of full-face veils under new new guidelines issued by education ministers Schools allowed to ban face veils Schools will be able to ban pupils from wearing full-face veils on security, safety or learning grounds under new uniforms guidance issued by ministers. Note… Continue reading Tabloid Misreporting

The Guardian on Faith

The main feature in yesterday’s G2 was an article by Stuart Jeffries on the growth of loud disagreement between religious people and atheists. Regular readers will know that I usually agree with the Guardian, but this article has got it horribly wrong. The article’s main error is to give time to the views of Colin… Continue reading The Guardian on Faith

“The Chatroom Language that Spells Danger for Your Child”

The Daily Mail fearlessly exposes the secret language that paedophiles are using to tempt your children into unspeakable acts. Or, perhaps it was a slow news day and a lazy journalist just decided it was time for another “dangers of the internet” story. Oh, I know there are real dangers out there, and children do… Continue reading “The Chatroom Language that Spells Danger for Your Child”

Telegraph Web Site

The Telegraph web site was relaunched recently and they are promoting this with an advertising campaign. I’ve seen many adverts on the escalators in tube stations. But these adverts have some very strange wording on them. They claim that the Telegraph site is “the UK’s most visited quality newspaper web site”. And there’s a logo… Continue reading Telegraph Web Site

Guardian Travel Site

The Guardian have introduced a new travel web site and GU development manager, Nik Silver, has written an interesting article about how it all works. Sounds like it’s full of web 2.0 goodness. Some nice uses of tagging and RSS. I don’t have any inside information, but I suspect that this might be a little… Continue reading Guardian Travel Site

Planet Earth

Writing in yesterday’s Times, A A Gill put his finger on a problem that has been bothering me about the BBC’s latest wildlife extravaganza – Planet Earth. For a science programme, it has very little science in it. The factual content is now virtually nil, just scene-setting and needless telling you what you’re seeing. There… Continue reading Planet Earth

Guardian Heresy

The Guardian potentially launches itself into controversy today by including a free wallchart which claims to illustrate the history of life on Earth. This blasphemous poster includes the ridiculous claim that there was life on Earth over 500 million years ago. This is clearly nonsense as any sane (and righteous) person knows that the Earth… Continue reading Guardian Heresy

Media Bias

A few different approaches to the same story. Let’s start with the BBC (who can be expected to be a little biased here): Hippos help revamp BBC One idents BBC One has unveiled its latest on-screen identity, complete with new logo and images for the channel. Segments between programmes from 7 October will feature kites,… Continue reading Media Bias