BBC Bias?

On Monday, Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre gave a speech where he ranted about the “cultural Marxism” of the BBC. He was, of course, pretty much completely wrong. And today we have a well-written piece by Lance Price pointing out many of Dacre’s errors. And as a bonus, he does it by having a little pop at the church.

No organisation that gives free air-time to a minority sect like Anglicanism can truly be considered part of a Marxist conspiracy. Watch Songs of Praise and you would think that the people of Britain were filling our churches with undiminished enthusiasm every Sunday. “Thought for the Day” is an extraordinary anomaly in the otherwise rigorous Today programme. No economist, politician or businessperson is given a free slot to expound their take on the world completely unchallenged. And quite right, too. What’s so special about people of faith?

Oh, and here’s Lloyd having a tremendous amount of fun with the hapless Mr Dacre.

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