Tabloid Misreporting

The BBC are reporting that schools will be entitled to ban the wearing of full-face veils under new new guidelines issued by education ministers

Schools allowed to ban face veils

Schools will be able to ban pupils from wearing full-face veils on security, safety or learning grounds under new uniforms guidance issued by ministers.

Note the words “allowed to” and “will be able”.

The Sun has a different interpretation

Face veils stop girls learning

VEILS will be banned in schools to help pupils learn and to keep them safe, Education Secretary Alan Johnson has ruled.

His decision will affect thousands of Muslim girls who wear clothing like the full niqab.

Note the words “will be banned” and “will effect”.

I know whose interpretation of the story I’m more inclined to trust. Why do people read the Sun?

Update: I’ve now seen the front page of today’s Sun and I think I know what happened. The Sun‘s headline today said that the government would announce a ban on veils today. And, as we now know, the government didn’t do that but, instead, announced that schools would be given powers to ban the veil. The Sun is incapable of admiting that it makes mistakes so they have chosen to continue pushing their existing story in the hope (fully justified, to be honest) that most of their readers won’t see the real story elsewhere or that if they do they will be too stupid to see the difference.

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  1. I suspect the latter, they did the same thing when Rebekah Wade came back pished one night and beat up Ross Kemp (allegedly). Correctly anticipating that this would be all over the tabs, the Sun’s front page the next day was about *Steve McFadden* being beaten up by _his_ lover, obviously trading on the fact that no one can tell which Mitchell brother is which. Genius, really.

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