Telegraph vs Dawkins

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. – Gandi If recent articles in the Telegraph are any indication then Richard Dawkins has just moved from phase two to phase three, which means that his victory must be imminent. Dawkins has, of course, been in the media […]

A Missing Blog

Looks like Nadine Dorries might have gone too far this time. She’s been on extremely dodgy ground for the last week, since the Daily Telegraph’s investigation into MPs’ expenses started looking at her. Over the last week she’s been posting an increasing bizarre stream of consciousness on her blog. She tried to explain what was […]

The Press on Dawkins

Richard Dawkins‘ new documentary series, The Genius of Charles Darwin, begins on Channel 4 this evening. He has therefore been doing a round of publicity interviews and the results have been appearing in the press over the weekend. It’s interesting to see how different papers treat it. The Times ran a pretty straight article about […]

Hours or Minutes

The Telegraph is slightly confused: Online crime hits 300 per minute By Ben Farmer Last Updated: 10:09am BST 06/09/2007 More than 300 internet crimes are being committed every hour… Hours? Minutes? Which is it? Ah well. It’s only numbers. I don’t suppose it’s important.

Telegraph Web Site

The Telegraph web site was relaunched recently and they are promoting this with an advertising campaign. I’ve seen many adverts on the escalators in tube stations. But these adverts have some very strange wording on them. They claim that the Telegraph site is “the UK’s most visited quality newspaper web site”. And there’s a logo […]

Telegraph on RSS

Interesting article from the Telegraph about the rise of RSS and its (potential) impact on news media. To the consumer, the main benefit of RSS services is that they make receiving news more efficient. Instead of looking at one news website, then another, and then another, each time looking for stories that are interesting, RSS […]