Who Remembers The Big Conversation?

One of the important roles of the media (and one that unfortunately often gets forgotten) is to act as a public memory bank and to remind us of things that politicians would rather we forget. It’s a role that Marina Hyde takes on with much relish in today’s Guardian when she writes about the legacy… Continue reading Who Remembers The Big Conversation?

The Sun Does RSS

I’ve just noticed that The Sun has started providing RSS feeds. So now it’s possible to get even more racist, sexist and homophobic bile delivered direct to your RSS reader. Interesting to read how they try to explain the concept of RSS in words of one syllable for the benefit of their readers. I’l get… Continue reading The Sun Does RSS

Universally Acknowledging Truths

Argh. They’ve done it again. A truth which has the downside of keeping many true artists poor in garrets and many false ones rich in mansions was universally acknowledged yesterday. (Pride, prejudice and happiness: readers choose favourite endings – Guardian) Is it too much to ask that just once a journalist can write an article… Continue reading Universally Acknowledging Truths

Gervais to Charge for Podcast

This won’t go down well in the blogosphere. Or the podcastosphere. Or whatever it’s called. There were a couple of jokes in an episode of the Ricky Gervais Show podcast about how much money they would have made if they had charged for downloads. And now. it seems, that’s exactly what they’re going to do.… Continue reading Gervais to Charge for Podcast

Overstating the Case

The Guardian rather overstates the case on the smoking ban. Parliament, so often maligned and so often ignorantly, has done itself and the nation proud by banning smoking in England. “Banning smoking in England”? Smoking won’t become illegal everywhere in England. Just in public. Which puts it, I suppose, about on a par with masturbation.… Continue reading Overstating the Case

Folk is Cool Again

Well, at least, it is according to an article in today’s Observer. One of the new names to watch that they list is Sheila Chandra. I’m not sure I’d describe her as a new name though. I first heard of her in 1982 when she was the lead singer on Monsoon’s hit single “Ever So… Continue reading Folk is Cool Again

Guardian Unlimited Greasemonkey Scripts

One interesting use of Greasemonkey is to improve web sites that you don’t like the look of. This is useful feedback to the owners of the sites that are being “improved”. With that in mind, I noticed a couple of Greasemonkey scripts that are for use on Guardian Unlimited. Guardian Title Goodifier reorders the parts… Continue reading Guardian Unlimited Greasemonkey Scripts

UK Newspaper RSS Feeds

I’ve made a start on building a directory of all of the RSS feeds available from UK national newspapers. It’s online at dave.org.uk/newsfeeds. If I’ve missed anything then please let me know. Also, if anyone can work out why my Javascript filtering code doesn’t seem to work on IE, then I’d love to know what’s… Continue reading UK Newspaper RSS Feeds