An Experiment

Tim has been talking about the Daily Mail’s comment moderation policy recently. It seems that any comment which fails to endorse the Mail’s editorial policy is very unlikely to be published on their site. So here’s an experiment. On their web site today (I assume it’s in the paper too, but I haven’t looked), they… Continue reading An Experiment

Daily Mail on Chrome

It’s very unlikely that you haven’t heard of Chrome, the browser that Google launched last week. If you’re running Windows then you may have even tried it out. Those of you (and I assume it’s most of you) who follow tech news will also know that there was some confusion over Chrome’s licence agreement during… Continue reading Daily Mail on Chrome

The Press on Dawkins

Richard Dawkins‘ new documentary series, The Genius of Charles Darwin, begins on Channel 4 this evening. He has therefore been doing a round of publicity interviews and the results have been appearing in the press over the weekend. It’s interesting to see how different papers treat it. The Times ran a pretty straight article about… Continue reading The Press on Dawkins

RSS in Firefox

Firefox (and, I assume, most other modern browsers) does some clever magic when viewing RSS feeds. It doesn’t show the raw XML, but instead shows a neatly formatted version of the page along with a button allowing you to subscribe to the feed in your favourite feed reader. That, at least, is how it’s supposed… Continue reading RSS in Firefox

Newspaper RSS Feeds Updated

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve made some fixes to my UK newspaper RSS feeds page. The fixes include Adding Daily Star links Fixing the Sun links (tho’ as I said yesterday, the Sun RSS feeds are still completely broken) Some tweaks to the Times and GU parsers The Independent section is currently broken. They have… Continue reading Newspaper RSS Feeds Updated

New Look Guardian Web Site

The Guardian has released a new version of the front page of its web site. Apparently it’s the first indication of things to come. My initial impression is that I like it, but I’ll almost certainly have more to say once I’ve lived with it for a few days. Emily Bell goes into more detail… Continue reading New Look Guardian Web Site

Petronella Wyatt on Wikipedia

You have to laugh at the way that many newspapers are still struggling to make sense of the internet. In many cases it’s largely because their writers have no idea what they are talking about when they are covering the subject. Here’s a great example from the Daily Mail. On Sunday, Daily Mail columnist Petronella… Continue reading Petronella Wyatt on Wikipedia