Guardian Heresy

The Guardian potentially launches itself into controversy today by including a free wallchart which claims to illustrate the history of life on Earth. This blasphemous poster includes the ridiculous claim that there was life on Earth over 500 million years ago. This is clearly nonsense as any sane (and righteous) person knows that the Earth was only created in 4004BC.

The evolutionary process that is depicted is, of course, “just a theory” and I hope that the Guardian will be redressing the balance forthwith by publishing an alternative poster depicting the creationists viewpoint.


  1. OK, first of all, just as a selection of possible objections here … explain carbon dating, mitochondrial markers, adaptive viral mutations, skeletons in the mud. Do some reading for goodness sake. Start with Brian Wills – forget Darwin if you think he’s a hoax.Second. Ha hahahahahahaha haha. Ow, my aching sides.SB

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