Opentech Approaches

This year’s Opentech conference is this coming Saturday at ULU. It’s earlier than usual this year, so it might have crept up on you a bit. I’m speaking at the conference again this year and I’ve been promoted to the main room. I’m on in the 4-5pm session speaking for twenty minutes on “Watching the… Continue reading Opentech Approaches

Speaking Tonight

A bit last minute, I know, but I’ve just agreed to fill in for a speaker who couldn’t get to tonight’s South London Geek Night. My talk is called “Battersea Election Candidates at the General Election”. It’s a “Microslot” talk which means I have only five minutes. I’ll be summarising the things that I’ve found by running… Continue reading Speaking Tonight

What’s Wrong With ORM

Last night I gave a talk to the London Perl Mongers about “What’s Wrong With ORM”. It was a first draft of a talk that I hope to be giving a few times this year. There’s also an article in preparation (well, I say “in preparation” but I actually mean “slowly coalescing in my brain”).… Continue reading What’s Wrong With ORM

Enterprise Perl

I’ll be speaking at the LinuxExpo Conference in London on October 5th. The subject of my talk is “Enterprise Perl”. Here’s the blurb. Perl has always been used by some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. In this session we will take a look at what makes Perl so useful to… Continue reading Enterprise Perl