Speaking Tonight

A bit last minute, I know, but I’ve just agreed to fill in for a speaker who couldn’t get to tonight’s South London Geek Night. My talk is called “Battersea Election Candidates at the General Election”. It’s a “Microslot” talk which means I have only five minutes. I’ll be summarising the things that I’ve found by running… Continue reading Speaking Tonight

Modern Campaigning

I got in touch with all of the Battersea candidates who aren’t publishing web feeds to ask them if there was anything I had missed. I only got a reply from one of them. But that’s ok. They’re probably busy. Campaigning is a time-consuming business. The response I got was marked as “not for publication”… Continue reading Modern Campaigning

General Election in Battersea

There’s a General Election coming up. And I’m really not sure who I’m going to vote for. But that’s ok because this is going to be the UK’s first Election Campaign 2.0 where candidates and voters are going to be in constant two-way communication through the medium of the interweb. All I need to do… Continue reading General Election in Battersea

The People’s Pamphlet

Update: Ok, yes, we admit it. It was an April Fool’s joke. Well most of it was. I’m not really going to be taking a month off to live in a camper van with Tim and Sim-O (though I’m sure it would have been fun!) But the wiki really exists. And we really want your… Continue reading The People’s Pamphlet