Speaking Tonight

A bit last minute, I know, but I’ve just agreed to fill in for a speaker who couldn’t get to tonight’s South London Geek Night.

My talk is called “Battersea Election Candidates at the General Election”. It’s a “Microslot” talk which means I have only five minutes. I’ll be summarising the things that I’ve found by running the Battersea GE:2010 site for the last couple of weeks.

The rough summary I’ve just sent to the organisers goes like this:

  • Which candidates have been making good use of the internet?
  • What excuses have the other candidates given?
  • Is internet campaigning important? Or useful?

The meeting starts at 8:30 and is in the Bedford in Balham. If you’re interested in coming then please sign up on the event’s Upcoming page.

There are plenty of other interesting talks too. It’s not just me.

Update: I’ve put the slides from the talk on Slideshare.

Updated update: The video of the talk is online too.

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