Speaking Tonight

A bit last minute, I know, but I’ve just agreed to fill in for a speaker who couldn’t get to tonight’s South London Geek Night. My talk is called “Battersea Election Candidates at the General Election”. It’s a “Microslot” talk which means I have only five minutes. I’ll be summarising the things that I’ve found by running… Continue reading Speaking Tonight

Apollo Introspection

Last night I celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first Moon walk by going to the Science Museum to see a live performance of Brian Eno’s Apollo. The music was played by Icebreaker who were largely out of sight below the screen while extracts from For All Mankind were broadcast on the IMAX screen. It… Continue reading Apollo Introspection

Hating Computers

Right now I’m hating all computers with a fierce intensity. You all know about the server disk crash. I’m still dealing with the fallout from that. In addition to that, on New Year’s Day I upgraded my main desktop machine to Fedora 8 – with the result that the wireless network (which is how that… Continue reading Hating Computers