The TwittElection web site

I was convinced that the general election in 2010 was going to be the “Twitter election”. I built a web site (now sadly lost somewhere in cyberspace) that monitored what PPCs were saying on Twitter in my local constituency. But, all in all, it wasn’t very impressive. I gave a talk about how disappointing it… Continue reading TwittElection

Modern Campaigning

I got in touch with all of the Battersea candidates who aren’t publishing web feeds to ask them if there was anything I had missed. I only got a reply from one of them. But that’s ok. They’re probably busy. Campaigning is a time-consuming business. The response I got was marked as “not for publication”… Continue reading Modern Campaigning

Constitutional Misunderstandings

This is the third time I can remember a Prime Minister handing over power to a successor from the same party without a general election. Wilson handed over to Callaghan in 1976 and Thatcher handed over (albeit unwillingly) to Major in 1990. Every time this happens the same constitutional misunderstandings are heard. People start insisting… Continue reading Constitutional Misunderstandings