Opentech Approaches

This year’s Opentech conference is this coming Saturday at ULU. It’s earlier than usual this year, so it might have crept up on you a bit.

I’m speaking at the conference again this year and I’ve been promoted to the main room. I’m on in the 4-5pm session speaking for twenty minutes on “Watching the Press”. I’ll be talking about how the internet makes it easier to keep tabs on the nonsense that the tabloids like to spread. I’ll be pointing out some of the more ridiculous stories that we’ve seen over the last few years and encouraging the audience to get involved in watching the press and raising awareness of its lies.

Over the weekend I’ll publish another post that will contain the slides from the talk along with lots of references to the various things I’ll be covering.

If you’re at the conference (and I highly recommend it) them please come up and say hello.

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