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If you were reading my blog three years ago, you’ll have read several posts about my brush with a condition called Sarcoidosis. I haven’t written much about it for a few years because there hasn’t been anything interesting to say. I started taking steroids, they cured my symptoms (almost overnight) and then I spent a… Continue reading Discharged


It seems that 2005 will go down in history as the year that my body officially gave up the ghost. Not only was there all the sarcoidosis stuff, but this morning I had an eye test as was told that I should start to use glasses for reading and computer work. This didn’t come as… Continue reading Glasses

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Diagnosis Confirmed

If anyone is still following the saga of my health then you might be interested to know that I’ve finally got a letter from the doctor saying that the result from the broncospocy confirm the original diagnosis of sarcoidosis. Which is good as I’ve now been taking drugs for that for a month :)

Hospital Appointment

Back to the hospital again yesterday for an x-ray and another appointment with the chest specialist. The x-ray apparently shows that my pneumothorax (collapsed lung) which I got from the broncoscopy is almost completely recovered. The full results from the bronoscopy aren’t in yet, but the results they have so far are all pointing to… Continue reading Hospital Appointment