Chest Specialist

Another trip to the hospital today as I finally got an appointment to see a chest specialist. It’s over a month since I first went to my GP about this problem, but this is the first time I’ve spoken to someone who should be able to definitively tell me what’s going on in my chest.

Very quickly he came to same conclusion as the doctors did when I was in hospital – which is that I have Sarcoidosis. This sounds like a pretty grim condition, but it’s apparently easily treated with a course of steroids. He’s given me a prescription for steroids which I can start taking on Saturday and he expects that I’ll start to notice a difference within a week.

So why do I need to wait until Saturday before taking them? Well he still wants to be more positive in his diagnosis. And the only way to do that is to take a biopsy. And the way he wants to do that is to stick a tube down my (hopefully anaesthetised) throat into my lung to grab a few lumps of lung tissue.

And the surprising news is that this can happen tomorrow. There are various potential (but unlikely) side-effects which he explained in detail. Those really don’t worry me, but I have to confess to being more than a little scared by the procedure itself.

Hopefully I’ll be able to write more details about it tomorrow.


  1. sewlling on the nipple of the chest.and which kind of the medician will be use full for me.kindly tell me

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