Here’s a tip for you all. Having a doctor push a flexible tube down into your lung so he can take samples of lung tissue is no fun at all. Especially when the anaesthetic that is supposed to be making you feel sleepy and detached from the whole process doesn’t seem to work at all.

But it’s all over now. They have their lumps of lung and hopefully that will be enough to confirm the diagnosis of sardcoidosis.

One slight complication. When carrying out procedures like this there’s a small risk of pneumothorax (a collapsed lung). And guess who drew the short straw. My right lung didn’t collapse completely, but it apparently shrank a bit and they kept me in for another four hours to take another x-ray in order to ensure it wasn’t getting any worse. Fortunately it wasn’t any worse so they let me go home on the understanding that it should re-inflate over the next few days and I’m to go straight back to to A&E if I find myself shorter of breath than usual.

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