Nazi Pop Twins

Lamb and Lynx Gaede
Lamb and Lynx Gaede

Do you remember Prussian Blue? They are a pair of blonde twins, Lynx and Lamb Gaede, who appeared, aged about ten, in a Louis Theroux programme about the US white supremacist movement. They wore t-shirts with a smiley-face Hitler logo and sang sweet songs about how much nicer life would be if it wasn’t for all the non-white people who were in the country. It was all pretty disgusting.

Well, last night they were the subject of a new Channel 4 documentary called Nazi Pop Twins. In it, director James Quinn follows the twins (now aged 14) over the course of a year.

And things aren’t quite the same as they used to be. It seems that as the twins have got older they have started to think for themselves. They are starting to realise that the ideology that their mother has had them promoting isn’t as correct as they have previously been led to believe. And they are starting to kick back against her control of their career.

So, I found this documentary very hopeful. Parents will often try to poison their children’s minds with their own beliefs, but it’s great when the children kick back against that.

Lynx and Lamb have a difficult few years ahead of them. But I hope that they manage to extricate themselves from from their mothers dangerous influences. And I hope that people outside of the white supremacist movement give them a chance to put their dubious past behind them.

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