It seems that 2005 will go down in history as the year that my body officially gave up the ghost.

Not only was there all the sarcoidosis stuff, but this morning I had an eye test as was told that I should start to use glasses for reading and computer work. This didn’t come as a complete surprise as the optician has been muttering about the possibility on my last couple of checkups[1] but it’s still a little depressing.

[1] And if I’m completely honest with myself I have been noticing it getting a little harder to focus on close-up work.


  1. I used to wear glasses, but I switched to contact lenses, they’re much better. They take a bit of getting used to but I highly recommend them.

  2. Given that I’ll only need them for close-up work (at least for the time being) it’ll probably be pointless going with contact lenses. I’d need to put them in and take them out far too often.And besides, poking fingers into my eyes? Ew. No thank you.

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