Hospital Appointment

Back to the hospital again yesterday for an x-ray and another appointment with the chest specialist. The x-ray apparently shows that my pneumothorax (collapsed lung) which I got from the broncoscopy is almost completely recovered.

The full results from the bronoscopy aren’t in yet, but the results they have so far are all pointing to a confirmation of the diagnosis of sarcoidosis. The fact that I’m reacting well to the steroids also backs this up.

The doctor prescribed another four weeks of the steroids, but at a lower (and reducing) dosage. Also, as one of the side effects of steroid treatment is a thinning of the bones, he’s given me some calcium tablets. They’re about the size of dinner plates so they don’t look much fun to take.

But all in all everything seems to be going according to plan. I don’t need to go back to the hospital for another four weeks.

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