Back to St Georges this afternoon. This time for an echocardiogram. And here’s a good tip. It might be a good idea to walk down to the hospital (it takes about 45 minutes), but it’s not such a good idea in the midday sun when you know you have to take your top off in front of people who have been in a nice cool hospital all day!

So all in all, I was a bit sweaty and embarassed by the time I got there. But never mind. I’m sure they have to deal with far worse.

The process itself was simple enough. It’s a lot like the ultrasound scans that they do on pregnant women. I had a few electrodes attached to me to monitor heart rate and then they used a probe (with a bit of gel on the end) to get an ultrasound picture of my heart.

The whole point was to see if the sarcoidosis has effected my heart, or if it’s just in my lungs. The results should be through by the time of my next appointment with the consultant in about a month’s time. But I assume that they’ll let me know before that if they find anything too untoward.

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