He Shall Have Music Wherever He Goes

So I finally joined the iPod generation. Except, of course, I didn’t buy an iPod. Firstly, Mac hardware and I just don’t seem to get on. Secondly, the iPod doesn’t play Ogg Vorbis files which is the format that most of my digital music is in. And finally, the iRiver (which is what I ended… Continue reading He Shall Have Music Wherever He Goes

Telegraph on RSS

Interesting article from the Telegraph about the rise of RSS and its (potential) impact on news media. To the consumer, the main benefit of RSS services is that they make receiving news more efficient. Instead of looking at one news website, then another, and then another, each time looking for stories that are interesting, RSS… Continue reading Telegraph on RSS

Styling RSS

I’ve just noticed that the BBC have started styling their RSS feeds using XSLT. Take a look at this one for example. It all looks a lot nicer than the raw XML version. I may have to consider doing something similar for my RSS feeds.

Websites Alienate Firefox Users

Lead story on the BBC’s technology news page is about a review of web sites carried out by a company called SciVisum. In it they say that one in ten web sites don’t work properly in Firefox. This is a problem that I often come across when persuading people to switch to Firefox. If they… Continue reading Websites Alienate Firefox Users