London Web Frameworks Night

November is shaping up to be an interesting month in London. Not only is there the London Perl Workshop that I mentioned yesterday, but Dean Wilson has organised a London Web Frameworks Night on November 17th. Three experts will be discussing the major MVC frameworks for Perl (Catalyst), Python (Django) and Ruby (Rails). And it’s […]

New London Transport Fares

It’s time for the Evening Standard‘s annual “outrage at the transport fare increases” issue. This year’s issue must have been particularly difficult to write as for most people the fares will have actually gone down. Let’s explain this simply so that even Standard journalists can understand. Transport for London want everyone to use their Oyster […]

Olympic Gloating

Ok, so London will be hosting the Olympics. That’s bad enough. But what’s worse is having to put up with the terrible gloating and jingoism that it’s already bringing out in people. In the tube station at White City (and, I assume, elsewhere) London Transport had printed posters thanking all of their customers for their […]

Tube Trouble

A tube train was derailed in a tunnel on Saturday afternoon. There were no fatalities but about 30 of the 800 passengers were treated for various levels of injury. Current theory seems to be that a motor fell off the underside of one of the rear carriages. All of the rolling stock on that line […]