Opentech 2008

The full schedule for Opentech has been announced. There are three tracks of talks and it looks like that I’ll need a couple of clones in order to see everything that I want to see. The previous Opentech conference (was it really three years ago) was a lot of fun and I fully expect this one to be… Continue reading Opentech 2008

The Joys of Tube Travel

Yesterday I was late getting to the Tube station and unfortunately got involved in this unpleasantness. I arrived at about 7:55am to see a train just pulling out of the station. It turned out to be the last one for about forty minutes. All of that time, the Underground staff were advising us that service… Continue reading The Joys of Tube Travel

Hack Day

The BBC/Yahoo! Hack Day (actually two days) is this weekend. If you’re coming then please feel free to link with me on the back network. Now, here are the most pressing questions that need to be answered. Will there be a television showing Doctor Who on Saturday night? And, if there isn’t, will the network… Continue reading Hack Day

Perl Programmers in London

Judging by the number of calls and emails that I’m getting recently, the demand for Perl programmers in London is going through one of its periodic increases. Hopefully recruitment agents who are desperately googling for “perl programmer london” will find this entry and save themselves a little time. The Perl community likes to do what… Continue reading Perl Programmers in London

London Javascript Night – Update

As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, the London Javascript Night has proved to be so popular that the original venue wasn’t big enough and a new one has been found. The new details are on the web site, but it’s the New Cavendish St site of Westminster University – the same place as… Continue reading London Javascript Night – Update

London Javascript Night

Those nice people at are once more looking beyond Perl to present an evening of talks about Javascript on May 25th. It’s currently planned to take place at the Fotango offices, but if it’s as popular as last year’s web frameworks night I can see it having a couple of changes of venue. If… Continue reading London Javascript Night

Web Frameworks Night – Report

So last night was the Web Frameworks NIght. A great time had by all. Many thanks to the organisers. We had talks on three frameworks – Catalyst, Django and Ruby on Rails. My overwhelming impression was how similar all three frameworks are. There really seems to be little to differentiate them. As always the Perl… Continue reading Web Frameworks Night – Report

London Web Frameworks Night (Update)

The London Web Frameworks night has proved to be very popular. So popular, in fact, that the organisers have had to change venue. It will now take place in the New Cavendish Street campus of Westminster University. See Dean’s post for more details. This means that signup has been re-opened for the time being. But… Continue reading London Web Frameworks Night (Update)