Olympic Clock Watching

Yesterday, in Trafalgar Square the London Olympic Games organisers unveiled a clock that was supposed to count down the 500 days to the opening ceremony in July 2012. Today the clock stopped. There’s an obvious metaphor there, but we’ll ignore it and move on. There’s another problem. The clock was started at 19:30 GMT on… Continue reading Olympic Clock Watching

Don’t Talk To Me About Football

There’s a football World Cup starting in the next few weeks. When domestic football competitions are taking place, it’s usually simple enough to avoid getting drawn into conversations about them, but for some reason the World Cup sends a large percentage of the population mad and they start to believe that everyone is interested in… Continue reading Don’t Talk To Me About Football

Olympic Gloating

Ok, so London will be hosting the Olympics. That’s bad enough. But what’s worse is having to put up with the terrible gloating and jingoism that it’s already bringing out in people. In the tube station at White City (and, I assume, elsewhere) London Transport had printed posters thanking all of their customers for their… Continue reading Olympic Gloating