Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall

Long-time readers will know that I am not averse to contacting companies to complain about bad service that I receive. This isn’t a particularly fulfilling hobby as you very rarely get any kind of satisfaction. But recently it’s becoming even less satisfying than before. I’ve noticed that email conversations with customer service reps are becoming… Continue reading Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall

Matt Smith: The Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith: The Eleventh Doctor It’s been a day since the announcement, so I thought I’d bore you all with my thoughts on Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor. When I first heard the news I though “who?”, like most people, but then I looked him up on the web and realised that I knew… Continue reading Matt Smith: The Eleventh Doctor

The BBC’s Merlin

I’ve been a fan of Arthurian legend for as long as I remember. It’s one of my favourite stories. I’ve read and seen countless versions over the last thirty or forty years. But I don’t think I’ve ever come across a version as terrible as the BBC’s new series Merlin which started last night. It… Continue reading The BBC’s Merlin

What I Did At Mashed 08

I was at Mashed 08 at Alexandra Palace yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go back today, but I’ve made some progress on my project from home. It was a successful day all in all though. Here’s what I did. Watched Jonathan Tweed talk about the BBC /programmes api. If I hadn’t already had… Continue reading What I Did At Mashed 08

Lowering My Blood Pressure

I like a bit of controversy in my RSS feeds. I subscribe to feeds from the Daily Mail and the Sun – papers that are guaranteed to get my blood boiling. An occasional increase in blood pressure can be most invigorating. But I’ve just removed an RSS feed from my list of subscriptions because there… Continue reading Lowering My Blood Pressure

Russell T Davies to Leave Doctor Who

We all knew it would happen sometime (not even John Nathan-Turner went on forever) and there have been rumours flying around for a while, but yesterday the BBC confirmed that Russell T Davies will be stepping down as executive producer of Doctor Who. He’ll stay on for the four specials to be broadcast next year… Continue reading Russell T Davies to Leave Doctor Who

Dawkins on Doctor Who

Russell T Davies was interviewed by the Independent last Sunday and he happened to mention that Richard Dawkins will be appearing in this series of Doctor Who. The evolutionary biologist and best-selling author of The God Delusion will appear as a guest star in the new series of Doctor Who, which began last night. “People… Continue reading Dawkins on Doctor Who