The Parting of the Ways

Some thoughts on the final episode of the new series of Doctor Who. In general I’ve really enjoyed this series. Most of the stories have worked well and I think that Eccleston was a great choice to play the Doctor. Bizarrely, the stories that I have liked least (“Father’s Day” and “Dalek”) have been the… Continue reading The Parting of the Ways

Newspapers vs the BBC

An interesting article from the Economist discussing the fall in newspaper circulation and largely blaming the BBC’s web site for this. It is the success of the BBC’s news website that most troubles newspapers. Its audience has increased from 1.6m unique weekly users in 2000 to 7.8m in 2005; and its content has a breadth… Continue reading Newspapers vs the BBC

BBC Beethoven

You’ll have heard that the BBC are making new performances of all of Beethoven’s symphonies available for download as MP3s. In this post, Dan Hill (from BBC Radio and Music Interactive) says that this has been extremely successful (600,000 downloads) and has generated a huge amount of discussion around the BBC. Which can only be… Continue reading BBC Beethoven