I’m watching season 2 of 24 on BBC Three (don’t worry there are no spoilers here for people watching a week behind on BBC Two). They show it at 10:40pm on Sunday night, then afterwards they have a really lame program called Pure 24 where people with no lives discuss the current episode in great depth. As far as I can see no-one watches Pure 24 which is why they are resorting to more and more desperate methods to promote it.

A couple of weeks about five minutes before the end of 24, a silver block swept across the screen leaving a bar in the bottom right corner advertising the fact that Pure 24 was on next. This was bad enough, but last night they surpassed themselves. Ten minutes into the programme, during a quiet scene they played a recording of the announcer saying that Pure 24 was on next. This went on for about 30 seconds and completely destroyed any dramatic tension in the scene. I was prepared to believe that this was a mistake, but a) they made no attempt to stop it once it had started and b) there was no apology for it at the end of the program.

I can only assume that BBC Three has no respect for the intelligence of its audience.

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  1. The voice-over trail was exceptionally annoying, however I never really noticed as I was too busy screaming at the show.I mean, can Kim be any more dumb? Why oh why is she still in the show? Oh, hang on, now I know…Still, it is the best thing on the box atm.

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