Support From The Internet

I’m currently in Lisbon for YAPC Europe. I very nearly didn’t make it. I flew out on Friday and on Friday morning, about three hours before I was supposed to leave the house, I discovered that my passport was missing. I realise, of course, that looking for your passport on the day that you are… Continue reading Support From The Internet

Local Media – Twitterers in Balham

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m becoming very interested in using the internet to bring local communities together. So here’s something else that I’ve built over the last few days. About a week ago I saw Paul Carvill’s new site Twitian. It brings together all of the people from The Guardian who… Continue reading Local Media – Twitterers in Balham

Twitter Supports OAuth

I’ve been seeing various announcements and trials over the last few weeks, but it seems that the wait is over and Twitter finally officially supports OAuth. This means that there is no longer any reason for third party web sites to store your Twitter password if they want to interact with Twitter on your behalf.… Continue reading Twitter Supports OAuth

Twitter and Passwords

Over the last year or so, Twitter has become one of the most successful social networking sites on the web. One mark of its success is the rich ecosystem of other sites which feed off it. The best example is probably the Twitter search engine which started as a separate web site but was so… Continue reading Twitter and Passwords

Twitter Hierarchy

For most of the last year, I’ve been working behind a corporate firewall which blocks most social networking sites. It’s therefore only in the last month or so that I’ve been able to use Twitter all day every day. It seems to me that many of Twitter’s users have slightly distorted the sites original purpose.… Continue reading Twitter Hierarchy

Password Antipattern

I’ve come across the “password antipattern” twice today. And I had different reactions to it each time. I thought it was worth trying to work out why that was. Let’s start by explaining what I mean by the “password antipattern”. There are many bad ways to handle users’ passwords which I’ve discussed at length before,… Continue reading Password Antipattern